Brisbane Sales and Marketing Service Testimonials

Gail and Bob

Elevator Pitch Template
Each of us are working separately through the 10 second/30 second elevator pitch module as Program. We are both finding it extremely helpful. Listen… if all the rest of your modules are like this one, we have good reason to be excited about this opportunity!

Brent Easton Haro Trucking

Trucking Company Triples Revenue in 3 Months
Since taking on this marketing system to assist in our strategic direction, my company has increased revenues from $14K to a whopping $52K per month! I would like to say it was a difficult process… but in truth, it was simply a little outside the box thinking. Over the next 12 months my goal is to take revenues to $100K per month and I believe it will absolutely happen thanks to all the done-for-you advertising and marketing resources afforded to me for my monthly fee.

Sean Boake SPB Contracting

E-Learning Client Lands $1 Million Dollar Contract!
Just after joining your program, I realized the opportunity I was missing by not leveraging my past clients. I immediately implemented a follow up program I observed in the online system strategy library. That one observation has since generated a $1,000,000.00 contract. I have worked one to one with the likes of Arnold Palmer and and this system is a GREAT online marketing coach!

Windy Howden

21% Response Rate from One Mailing!
The first marketing initiative we used from the E-Learning System enabled us to generate 164 new leads in a 9 day period… with many others coming in after that. Thank You!

Wally Humer

Not Bad for a Garbage Man!

After taking on your online program my company did $245,000 in sales due to your basic principles (namely loss leader, referrals and disciplined follow up).

The future looks bright and I cannot believe everything you do for me for $97 per month!!! This is a Godsend to every small business owner. Bless you all!

Ann Carden

One of my personal weekly coaching clients that I’ve had for only 45 days has already generated in the last 10 days new clients worth around $50,000 in business.

We got his pitch, his target market and his packages in line and now he’s closing clients right and left. He has generated more in the last 10 days than his entire last year. He even has more in his pipeline. By the way, he also raised his prices by 5 X what he was originally charging.

A new client signed on with me two days ago. We worked on her pitch yesterday, and she immediately put it out to social media groups she is in… and already has interest in her services. Needless to say she is so excited.

Darrell Weekes

I don’t post much on Facebook but I thought this was worth sharing with you guys.

A new client who was super skeptical, he asked for two references, who he wanted to talk to. No problem. He complained that every other so called Business Coach, Advisor, etc were useless. He has a major meeting tomorrow so we spent an hour on the phone today, our first session, and this was the response he sent me once we had finished. I sent him the pitch template to help him get clear on his thoughts on how to pitch his business. This is his email in part:

Hi mate,

First and foremost, holy S#*t.

Your pitch document has done in 5 minutes what I couldn’t get from countless business coaches, pitch instructors & on the list goes.